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PPR high-end home improvement pipe series,
PPR boutique pipe series, PPR engineering pipe series, PPR aluminum-plastic composite pipe series, PPR aluminum-plastic steady-state pipe series, HDPE pipe series, RPAP5 new aluminum-plastic composite pipe, PERT floor heating, PEX floor heating Pipe series, copper manifolds series, inlet and outlet valve series, floor heating
temperature control series, butt-welding expansion pipe series, aluminum-plastic composite pipe series, copper valve series, temperature control valve series, copper
angle valve series.

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IFAN factory started in 1993. And IFAN has workshop 120000 ㎡with 610 staff. IFAN can design and produce all plumbing pipe and fitting include PPR,PVC,CPVC PPSU HDPE PEXA PEXB PERT pipe and fitting ,brass fitting, brass ball valve ,heating system , gas system , sanitary faucets and hose, In the past 30 Years, IFAN has never forgotten his mission-To protect health and safety. And IFAN factory use best materials to produce high quality pipe and fittings with automatic production line and high tech quality control machines. The most important,IFAN can guarantee that all pipes and fittings manufactured by IFAN are qualified.


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