How To Choose A Good Water Pipe?

When you start to renovate your new home, are you dazzled by all kinds of “big projects”? Style matching, home furnishing, wallpaper lighting…

But when you actually move into a new house, you will find many problems that were never imagined before, such as poor water quality, blocked water pipes, leaks, and even bursts… which seriously affect the quality of life at home.

To build a comfortable residence, under the “gorgeous appearance” of home decoration, the choice of water pipes – this “connotation cultivation” is equally important. The quality of water pipes is closely related to the quality of life, and about 70% of households are caused by water pipe failures. The troubled situation, what kind of pipe to choose? How to choose? This is something that must be considered carefully, and here are some things you need to know about plumbing selection. This is our Facebook

Type Of Water Pipe

There are many types of water pipes according to the material. Common types are:

PPR Pipe: clean and hygienic; low density, easy to handle and install; high-temperature resistance; firm connection; not easy to scale; strong corrosion resistance; long service life. It is a green and environmentally friendly pipeline widely used in life now.

PB Pipe: lightweight, good flexibility; long service life; corrosion resistance; good flexibility; easy maintenance.

PEX Pipe: temperature and pressure resistance; good thermal insulation performance; corrosion resistance; long service life.

Aluminum Plastic Pipe: clean and hygienic; strong high and low-temperature resistance; not easy to scale; strong corrosion resistance; long service life.

Brass Pipe: high-temperature resistance; good compression performance. However, it is prone to rust and aging, and water leakage occurs; the thermal insulation effect is poor.

Shopping Points

At present, PPR pipe is the most selected in the market. Because it uses random copolymerization technology, its strength and high-temperature resistance are well guarantee, so it has become the main force of water pipe materials. When purchasing, pay attention to the following points:

Labeling: Make sure the tube wall mark with the words “PPR” or “Polypropylene”.

Surface: The surface of the water pipe is smooth, if there is unevenness, it mixs with impurities.

Transparency: Opaque pipes were selected, as the light-transmitting pipes are easy to breed bacteria.

With or without peculiar smell: PPR pipes with qualified quality have no peculiar smell, if there is a peculiar smell, it may contain toxic substances.

Hardness: PPR water pipe has high strength and good toughness. You can break the water pipe by hand. If it is easy to bend, do not buy it.

The water pipe is the “blood vessel” in the home, which silently undertakes the daily operation of the home and pays attention to “connotation” in order to obtain a higher-quality home life. IFAN PPR pipelines use high-quality raw materials, strictly implement high standards, and adopt unique processing technology. Long-term Focus on improving product performance. IFAN is committed to improving the user experience and escorting your home life. IFAN sincerely looks forward to your visit.



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