How To Choose High-Quality Brass Bibcock

Brass bibcock is the most common type of plumbing equipment in modern households. Its main material is brass, which has excellent corrosion resistance and strength and has a long service life. However, the quality of brass faucets on the market varies, and it is easy to dazzle people. How to choose a high-quality brass bibcock? I don’t know how to choose a quality product. Here are a few key elements for selecting a high-quality brass faucet.


Appearance is the point that is most likely to attract people’s attention. As long as the appearance is exquisite, and bright, and can give people a clean and tidy feeling, consumers can subconsciously feel that it is a good product. Therefore, we should choose products with exquisite appearance, smooth surfaces, and uniform color. When selecting, you can carefully observe whether there is oxidation or rust on the surface of the faucet. If there are obvious scratches, depressions, burrs, etc. on the surface, it can be regarded as a defective product. IFAN Facebook,IFAN factory has 30+ years manufacture experience supporting color /size customization support Free Samples.


Brass itself is a relatively heavy metal, so brass products will also be heavier. When selecting, you can hold the faucet with your hand to feel whether its quality is uniform. If the faucet is lighter, it means that the material is mixed and the quality is not good enough.

Sealing performance

The sealing performance of the faucet is one of its most important functions because it will directly affect the service life and safety of the faucet. Therefore, attention should be paid to testing the tightness of the faucet when selecting. Generally speaking, you can open the faucet first to observe whether the faucet is leaking, and then check whether the faucet is obviously loose or stuck. It should be easy to open and close the faucet. If the sliding is not smooth or the resistance is too large, you can consider replacing it.

Corrosion resistance

The faucets themselves are present in the water flow and are subject to corrosion, especially by acidic or alkaline water flow. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of the faucet should be considered when selecting. Generally speaking, the more corrosion-resistant material is solid brass, but some people will choose chrome-plated or stainless steel faucets. Although these two faucets are more corrosion-resistant, their prices are higher than those of solid brass faucets.


The brand is an important purchase index. The reputation and reputation of the brand can reflect the quality of the product and after-sales service to a certain extent. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose those brands with a good reputation, and you can also check customer reviews and other information on the Internet.

To sum up, choosing a high-quality brass faucet can be considered from many aspects such as appearance, weight, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, and brand. Of course, the price of the product is also an important factor that everyone needs to pay attention to. A high price does not necessarily mean high quality. Consumers should choose suitable products according to their actual needs and economic capabilities.



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