Knowledge about PPH pipe fittings

PPH pipe fittings are a kind of industrial pipe fittings with excellent performance and wide application. Its product process, common size, use method, and use place are the focus of users’ attention. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of PPH pipe fittings in detail to help users better understand and use the product.IFAN Facebook,IFAN factory has 30+ years manufacture experience supporting color /size customization support Free Samples.

Product process

PPH pipe fittings are made of polypropylene material, which has excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to age, and good shock resistance. Its technology mainly includes injection molding, extrusion molding, compression molding, and so on. Injection molding is to inject pre-melted PPH particles into the mold, and obtain shaped products after heating and cooling; extrusion molding is to extrude PPH melt through an extruder, and then cut to obtain pipes of the required size; compression molding is to press the prefabricated PPH plate according to the shape of the mold, which is often used to produce flat products such as plates.

Common size

The common sizes of PPH pipe fittings include DN15-DN400mm, and the models include 45° elbow, 90° elbow, equal diameter tee, reduced diameter tee, reduced diameter straight, same diameter straight, flange, etc. Among them, the dimensional parameters such as the angle and bending radius of the elbow, and the ratio of different diameters of the tee need to be selected according to actual needs.

How to use

The use of PPH pipe fittings mainly includes the following aspects:

The pipeline design should be done before installation, and the appropriate size and connection method should be selected to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline.

Disassemble and check the quality of the pipe fittings to confirm whether there are defects such as deformation, cracks, and air bubbles.

Determine the connection method of the pipe fittings, commonly used are hot-melt connection, mechanical connection, thread connection, inlaid connection, etc.

Before connecting the pipe fittings, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the pipe is clean, flat, and smooth, and use the corresponding adhesive or sealing tape to seal it.

When using PPH pipe fittings, care should be taken to avoid damage to the pipes due to severe impacts and heavy object collisions, and at the same time ensure the normal ventilation and discharge of the pipes.

Place of use

PPH pipe fittings are suitable for various fields such as the chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, agriculture, and medicine. It is widely used in chemical transportation, water treatment, sewage treatment, acid and alkali and other media transportation and pipeline engineering, and other fields. The reason why PPH pipe fittings are widely used lies in their excellent performance and excellent corrosion resistance, which can meet the transportation requirements of various media. At the same time, PPH pipe fittings have high safety and maintainability, which can ensure the normal operation and long-term use of the pipeline.

To sum up, PPH pipe fittings are industrial pipe fittings with excellent performance and wide application. When selecting and using this product, users need to understand its process, common dimensions, usage methods, usage places, etc., to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the pipeline.



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