PPR water pipe installation

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PPR water pipe installation is the most important part of decoration, but when we are decorating, we will find that the water pipes in our home are easy to leak, and even cause the floor to soak in water. That’s because we didn’t install it properly. There are many reasons for water leakage, but most of them are due to the poor craftsmanship of the master. So when we are decorating, we must find a good master.
1⃣️: Strictly check whether the PPR water pipe is damaged. If the water pipe is broken, there will be water leakage. This can no longer be used.
2⃣️: After the inspection, it is necessary to drill the water pipes, and pay attention to the drilling operation on the load-bearing wall or beam.
3⃣️: After the drilling is completed, the next installation work will be carried out. At this time, the master will use the electric drill to perform the drilling operation.
4⃣️: After installing the PPR water pipe, wrap it with tape for about 5 seconds to make the PPR water pipe more firm.
5⃣️5⃣️It can be used after installation.



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