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Product Name: IFAN Brass Elbow
Size: 1/2″-2″
Pressure: PN25
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The brass elbow is a common pipe fitting in the piping system, which is mainly used for the connection and turning of the piping system. The function of the brass elbow is very important. By connecting different pipes, the pipe system is connected into a complete system to ensure the normal operation of the pipe. At the same time, when the pipeline needs to turn, the brass elbow can also provide a flow path to ensure a comfortable flow of fluid. IFAN factory 30+ years manufacture experience support color/size customization support free sample.Welcome to consult for catalog and free samples.This is our Facebook Website:

Brass elbows are often used in piping systems such as cold and hot water, air conditioning, heating, and gas. It is used in home decoration and industrial production, and is easy to use and has a wide range of applications. Among metal materials, brass has good corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, and is suitable for application in various piping systems.

There are two main ways to connect the brass elbow, the common method is through welding or threaded connection. Due to the relatively strong material of the brass elbow, high-quality welding materials or fasteners need to be used when connecting. Only in this way can the safety and firmness of the pipeline be ensured. When threaded, brass pipes need to be sealed with professional equipment to ensure the tightness of the connection.

Compared with other materials, brass elbows have the following advantages:

1. Corrosion resistance. Brass elbows have good corrosion resistance and can work for a long time even under harsh environmental conditions.

2. Good electrical conductivity. Since brass is a metallic material, it conducts electricity very well, so it is very suitable for making conductive parts and piping systems.

3. Easy construction. The connection method between the brass elbow and other pipe materials is relatively simple, which effectively reduces the construction time.

4. High temperature resistance. Brass elbows can still work normally under high temperature conditions, so they are used more in some high temperature piping systems.

When compared with PPR pipes, brass elbows also have the following advantages:

1. High strength. The brass elbow is made of metal material, which has higher strength and can withstand greater pressure.

2. Corrosion resistance. Although the surface of the PPR pipe is smooth and clean, the surface will change after long-term use, and the brass elbow is more durable in terms of service life.

3. Wider scope of application. Brass elbows can be used in a variety of piping systems, including not only cold, hot water, air conditioning, heating, gas and other piping systems, but also fluid media such as compressed air and oil.

In short, as an indispensable part of the piping system, brass elbows play a very important role. It has advantages in terms of connection mode, service life and corrosion resistance, and is one of the preferred pipe fittings in various piping systems.


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