Gas Ball Valve

Name: Gas Ball Valve
Size: 1/2”-2”
Color: Yellow Color
Styles: Long/Butterfly Handle
Brand: IFAN
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The gas brass ball valve is a common pipeline valve with the following advantages:

1. Good corrosion resistance: Brass ball valves have excellent corrosion resistance and are suitable for highly corrosive media.

2. Good sealing performance: The brass ball valve adopts ball sealing, which has relatively good sealing performance and can effectively prevent medium leakage.

3. Easy to operate: Due to the simple structure of the ball valve, the operation method is convenient, and the opening and closing operations are easy and do not require much effort.

4. Wide range of applications: Brass ball valves are suitable for a variety of media, such as gas, steam, air, etc.

5. Good high-temperature resistance: Brass has a high melting point and good high-temperature resistance, which is suitable for piping systems under high-temperature media.

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Where to use the gas brass ball valve:

1. Industrial field: used to control the flow of industrial media, such as gas, liquid, gas, etc.

2. Plumbing pipes: used to control the flow, switch, and other operations of media such as water pipes.

3. Mine and mining industry: used to control the flow of media in the mines and mining industry.

Common size:

Common calibers are DN10-DN1000, of which DN10-DN50 caliber valves are connected by threads and calibers above DN50 are connected by flanges.


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