Gray PPR Plastic Pipe

Product Name: IFAN Gray PPR Plastic Pipe
Size: 20-110mm
Pressure: PN12.5/PN16/PN20/PN25
Package: IFAN OPP Bag+ Carton
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Delivery: 15 Days

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The Benefits of Gray PPR Plastic Piping in Challenging Pipeline Environments

Pipelines transporting water, chemicals, oil, gas, and more face immense pressures, corrosion, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations. The right pipe material is crucial for resilience in these environments. Gray PPR (polypropylene random) plastic piping has emerged as an optimal solution due to its durability, chemical resistance, and leakproof properties.IFAN factory has 30+ years of manufacturing experience supporting color/size customization and free samples. Welcome to consult for catalog and free samples. This is our Facebook Website:


What is PPR Plastic Piping?

PPR refers to a random copolymer made from propylene and a small amount of ethylene. PPR plastic pipe consists of this rugged, flexible material capable of withstanding pipeline demands.

Benefits of Gray PPR Plastic Pipes

Here are the key advantages of PPR plastic pipes:

  • High Tensile Strength – Withstands up to 1.6 MPa pressure without rupture.
  • Temperature Resistance – Unaffected by temperatures from -15°C to 95°C.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Inert to chemical attack from acids, alkalis, salts and oils.
  • Fatigue Resistance – Can endure ongoing vibrations and pressure surges.
  • Reliable Joints – Leakproof fusion joints even under strain.
  • Lightweight – Significantly lighter than metal, allowing easy handling.
  • Non-toxic – Suitable for potable water and food processing fluids.
  • Easy Installation – Flexible pipes simplify routing and require fewer joints.
  • Long Lifespan – Outlasts steel, copper and iron pipes.

gray ppr fittings

Key Applications in Pipeline Projects

Gray PPR pipes are the ideal solution for:

  • Transporting Chemicals – Acids, brine, solvents, alkalis.
  • Hot Fluid Lines – Hot water and steam up to 95°C.
  • Chilled Fluid Lines – Lines down to -15°C.
  • Congested Areas – Easy installation in tight spaces.
  • Corrosive Environments – Resistant to salt, moisture, and a wide variety of chemicals.
  • Underground Pipelines – Understand external soil stresses and groundwater.
  • Desalination Plants – Durable performance in saltwater environments.
  • Food Processing – FDA and NSF approved for potable water and foodstuffs.

With the capacity to withstand the most punishing pipeline conditions, gray PPR plastic piping will continue to be the top choice for engineers. Its unparalleled durability, chemical resistance, and ease of use ensure safe and reliable fluid transport.


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