Gray PPR Plastic Union

Product Name: IFAN Gray PPR Plastic Union
Size: 20-63mm
Pressure: PN25
Package: IFAN OPP Bag+ Carton
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Delivery: 15 Days

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The Critical Role of Gray PPR Plastic Unions in Achieving Reliable Pipeline Connections

The safe flow of fluids in pipeline systems relies on secure joints between pipes, valves, and other components. Gray PPR (polypropylene random) plastic unions have proven to be an optimal solution owing to their ability to create reliable, leak-free connections even under high pressures and temperatures.IFAN factory has 30+ years of manufacturing experience supporting color/size customization and free samples. Welcome to consult for catalog and free samples. This is our Facebook Website:


What are PPR Plastic Unions?

A PPR plastic union consists of a PPR body with embedded brass threads on both ends. It provides a detachable joint that can be disconnected without cutting the pipe. The key benefit of a union is reusability allowing quick maintenance and replacements.

Advantages of Gray PPR Plastic Unions

Gray PPR unions offer the following strengths:

  • Excellent Sealing – The metal threads maintain leak-proof seals up to 1.6 MPa pressure.
  • Withstands Vibration – Prevents joint leakage caused by ongoing vibrations.
  • Corrosion Resistant – Unaffected by exposure to water, oils, and chemicals.
  • Temperature Resilient – Can handle temperatures between -15°C to 95°C.
  • UV Resistant – Suitable for outdoor installation with no deterioration.
  • Compact Size – Require less space than coupling connectors.
  • Lightweight – Significantly lighter than metallic unions.
  • 360° Rotation – Nut allows easy positioning during installation.

gray ppr fittings

Critical Applications in Pipelines

Gray PPR unions deliver reliable and reusable connections for:

  • Equipment Linkage – Allow quick disconnects for maintenance.
  • Branch Isolation – Temporary shutdown of lateral pipelines.
  • Leak Repairs – Rapidly seal joints without cutting pipe.
  • Flow Adjustments – Bypass regulation valves during calibration.
  • Temporary Links – Enable isolated sections to be bypassed.
  • Material Transitions – Connect PPR piping to other materials.
  • Congested Areas – Installation in tight spaces.

With the capability to create secure, leak-free, and reusable joints in demanding conditions, gray PPR plastic unions are set to continue playing an indispensable role across pipelines. Their corrosion resistance, vibration tolerance, and easy connectivity provide optimal functionality.


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