HDPE Tee Fittings

Type:HDPE Tee Fittings
Brand: IFAN
Connecting method: Threaded Connection
Applications: Cold Water
Color: Blue

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Introduction of HDPE Tee Fittings:

HDPE Pipe Fitting is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The appearance of HDPE Tee Fittings is milky white, and the thin section is translucent to a certain extent. hdpe pipe and fitting have excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals.


Municipal engineering water supply system, building indoor water supply system, outdoor buried water supply system, residential area and plant underground water supply system, old pipeline repair, water treatment engineering pipeline system, industrial water pipes in garden, irrigation and other fields.



1. It is easy for butt welding and electric fusion welding to form a closed anti-seepage system. When laying along the trench, the earthwork volume of trench excavation and the amount of accessories can be reduce.
2. Light weight and easy to install;
3. With strong wear resistance and excellent hydraulic performance, the buried pipeline can protected without outer layer. It can applied to earthquake and mining area, and can also  laid at the bottom of rivers by sinking method.
4. Chemical corrosion resistance, internal, external and microbial corrosion resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and health. Suitable for transporting acidic and alkaline substances, sewage, natural gas, gas and other substances;
5. Good environmental adaptability and frost resistance. It can be use for indoor and outdoor water supply pipes.
6. Long service life, with a service life of more than 50 years;
7. Easy to recycle.

IFAN factory started in 1993. And IFAN has workshop 120000 square meter with 610 staff. IFAN can design and produce all plumbing pipe and fitting include PPR,PVC,CPVC PPSU HDPE PEXA PEXB PERT pipe and fitting ,brass fitting, brass ball valve ,heating system , gas system , sanitary faucets and hose, In the past 30 Years, IFAN has never forgotten his mission-To protect health and safety. And IFAN factory use best materials to produce high quality pipe and fittings with automatic production line and high tech quality control machines. The most important,IFAN can guarantee that all pipes and fittings manufactured by IFAN are qualified. more information pls feel free contact us facebook 


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