IFAN Underfloor Heating Pipes

Name:IFAN Underfloor Heating Pipes


Size:100 Meters per roll




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IFAN is a leading manufacturer of underfloor heating pipes. They produce a vast range of high-quality underfloor heating systems in a variety of sizes and styles. IFAN’s products are specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern home and offer the perfect solution for homeowners looking for efficient heating solutions.

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Brand Name IFAN
Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Material PEX,PERT
Color white, orange, white, yellow or customized
Application Conveying Heating
Sample Free sample

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Production Materials:

IFAN underfloor heating pipes are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, such as cross-linked Pert. Pert is a highly flexible material that is easy to work with and is perfect for underfloor heating applications. PEX is also durable, resistant to UV light, does not degrade over time, and can withstand high temperatures.

Production Process:

IFAN underfloor heating pipes are produced using the latest manufacturing technologies, which optimizes the production process and ensures high-quality products. The manufacturing process involves extruding PEX into a continuous tube, then cross-linking the PEX to increase its strength. The end result is a flexible, durable, and long-lasting underfloor heating pipe.


1. Energy Efficient: IFAN underfloor heating pipes offer a highly efficient way to heat your home. Because the system is installed beneath your flooring, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room, without any cold spots.
2. Comfortable: Underfloor heating systems offer a more comfortable way of heating your home. The system radiates heat from the floor up, creating an even, comfortable temperature throughout the room.
3. Aesthetic:They are completely hidden beneath your flooring, giving your room a clean, modern look. There are no bulky radiators or heating units taking up valuable wall space.
4. Safe: Underfloor heating systems are completely safe, with no hot surfaces or sharp edges to worry about. This makes them ideal for families with children and pets.


IFAN underfloor heating pipes are an excellent choice for homeowners who want an efficient, comfortable, and aesthetic way to heat their homes. The range of materials, manufacturing process, types, and advantages mentioned above proves that they are an innovative solution to heating. With their durable and long-lasting products, IFAN is making a difference in the heating industry.

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