PEX Aluminum Plastic Pipe

Name: PEX Aluminum Plastic Pipe
Color: White, Blue, Yellow, Orange
Brand: IFAN
Application: Cold And Hot Water Piping System

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PEX aluminum plastic pipe is a professional piping system, which is composed of PEX material and aluminum-plastic composite material. Widely used in industrial, residential, and commercial buildings, this piping system is favored for its excellent performance and reliable quality.IFAN Facebook,IFAN factory has 30+ years manufacture experience supporting color /size customization support Free Samples.


1. Corrosion resistance and high heat resistance:

PEX Al PEX pipe has extremely high stability at high temperatures and can maintain stability under high temperatures for a long time. At the same time, it will not be corroded, so it will still maintain a high-quality piping system during long-term use.

2. Easy to install:

PEX Al PEX pipes can be installed like traditional pipes, which is very convenient and quick. In addition, it can be used with cable ties and folding connectors to make the installation process easier and more convenient.

3. Strong connectivity:

PEX Al PEX pipes have good connectivity because of the high compatibility between connectors and pipes. The connection between the connector and the pipe body is firm, reducing the risk of leakage.

4. Lightweight and durable:

PEX Al PEX pipes are made of aluminum-plastic composite material, designed to be lightweight and high-strength. It has a long service life, is not easy to damage, and can withstand certain pressure and impact. In addition, its quality does not change under prolonged use and load.

Manufacturing Process  

The production process of PEX aluminum-plastic pipe uses high-density polyethylene (PEX) resin and aluminum-plastic products as the main raw materials. The process of manufacturing PEX aluminum-plastic pipe is divided into the following steps:

1. Raw material preparation:

Before manufacturing PEX aluminum-plastic pipes, PEX materials, and aluminum-plastic products need to be prepared. The PEX material needs to be cut and processed into the pipe body of the required size, and processed into the plastic lining of the pipe in the aluminum-plastic product.

2. Coated aluminum-plastic composite material:

Wrap the processed PEX pipe body and aluminum-plastic composite material together to form a PEX pipe body. The aluminum-plastic composite material plays the role of protecting and strengthening the pipe body, and the PEX pipe body provides solid support for the fluid transmission of the piping system.

3. Bidding:

Through automatic equipment or manual methods, the PEX pipes are invited for bidding to make them have the required shape and size.

4. Execution:

Combine and connect the tendered PEX pipes to form all pipelines.

The manufacturing process of PEX pipe is meticulous and rigorous, with high accuracy, so it has reached a high level in terms of quality and performance.

In short, PEX pipe is a high-quality piping system, and its innovative materials and manufacturing processes cannot be replaced by other piping systems. It is used in an increasing range of applications in engineering, residential, and commercial construction.


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