PEX PPSU Fittings

Name: PEX PPSU Fittings
Size: 20-63mm
Material: PPSU
Brand: IFAN
Color: Black
Application: Plumbing System

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PEX is a type of plastic tubing that is commonly used in plumbing systems. It has replaced traditional copper piping in many applications due to its ease of installation, durability, and cost-effectiveness. PEX PPSU fittings are a type of fitting used to connect piping. This article will provide an introduction to PPSU fittings, including their product features, an introduction to PPSU material features and advantages, how to connect PEX sliding fittings, and applicable scenarios.IFAN Facebook,IFAN factory has 30+ years manufacture experience supporting color /size customization support Free Samples.

Product Features

PPSU fittings are made from a high-quality plastic material that has great impact strength, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance. They are known to withstand high temperatures and pressures. Some key features of PPSU fittings include:

– High-temperature resistance:

They can withstand temperatures of up to 200°F.

– Chemical resistance:

They are resistant to harsh chemicals, making them suitable for use in chemical processing applications.

– Impact strength:

They have a high impact strength, which makes them resilient to damage.

– Durability:

They are long-lasting and can withstand wear and tear.

– Ease of installation:

Installed quickly and easily without the need for special tools or equipment.

PPSU Material Features and Advantages

PPSU is a type of plastic material that is known for its high-performance properties. It is a thermoplastic polymer that has a high glass transition temperature, which means that it can withstand high temperatures without deforming or breaking down. Some key properties of PPSU material include:

– High chemical resistance: PPSU is resistant to many chemicals and solvents, making it ideal for use in chemical processing applications.
– Excellent thermal stability: PPSU can withstand high temperatures without deforming or breaking down.
– High impact strength: PPSU has a high impact strength, which means that it is durable and can withstand wear and tear.
– Good electrical properties: PPSU is an excellent insulator and has good electrical properties.

PPSU has several advantages over other materials used for plumbing fittings, including:

– Excellent mechanical properties:

PPSU has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it a great material for high-stress applications.

– Corrosion resistance:

PPSU is resistant to corrosion, which means that it won’t rust or degrade over time.

– Bio-compatibility:

Considered biologically compatible, used in many medical applications

– Microwave ability:

PPSU uses in the microwave without the risk of melting or deforming.

How to Connect PEX Sliding Fittings

PPSU fittings are compatible with PEX piping, which makes them a great choice for plumbing applications. 

1. Cut the PEX tubing to the desired length using a PEX cutter.

2. Insert the PEX tubing into the PPSU fitting until it stops sliding.

3. Slide the PEX crimp ring over the end of the PEX tubing.

4. Use a crimping tool to crimp the ring onto the PEX tubing.

5. Check the connection to make sure that it is secure and leak-free.

Applicable Scenarios

– Heating and cooling systems
– Water supply systems
– Chemical processing
– Medical and dental applications
– Food and beverage processing


PPSU fittings offer many advantages over other materials used for plumbing fittings, including excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and bio-compatibility. PPSU material features and advantages make it an ideal material for use in high-temperature and chemical processing applications. Although PEX sliding fittings can be easily connected, it is essential to consult with an experienced plumber to ensure the reliability of the installation. PPSU fittings are used in a wide range of plumbing applications, making it a popular choice for builders, plumbers, and homeowners alike.



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