PEX Sliding Fittings

Name: PEX Sliding Fittings
Size: 16-32mm
Material: Brass
Brand: IFAN
Application: Plumbing System
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PEX sliding fittings are a quick way to connect pipes, and are more and more popular due to their convenience, quickness, and ease of installation and maintenance. It is commonly used in plumbing systems, including water supply and heating systems, and in piping systems for the transport of gases and chemicals. Here we will introduce in detail the usage scenarios, styles, sizes and usage methods of PEX sliding joints, elbows and tees.IFAN factory 30+ years manufacture experience support color/size customization support free sample.Welcome to consult for catalog and free samples.This is our Facebook Website:

1. Usage scenarios

PEX sliding joints can be applied to a variety of scenarios, the main scenarios include:

Home water and heating systems.

Commercial and industrial fields, including chemical and gas delivery.

Installation and maintenance of heating systems, including floor heating systems.

Cooling and air conditioning systems.

Drinking water network.

2. Style and size

PEX slip joints are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. We can choose different sizes and models of PEX sliding joints according to actual needs. Generally speaking, the size of PEX sliding joints varies from 1/2 inch to 2 inches, which can be selected according to the size of the pipe and the actual needs. PEX sliding joints generally have three styles: straight, elbow and tee. The following will introduce their usage in detail.

3. Direct use method

Direct styles of PEX slip fittings are suitable for direct needs of pipe connections. It is very simple to use, just insert the pipe into the PEX slip joint. The internal structure design of the PEX sliding joint can ensure the firm connection of the pipe. When installing, it is necessary to ensure that the pipe is inserted into the bottom of the sliding joint and fixed firmly to ensure that the pipe will not loosen or slide during use.

4. How to use the elbow

The elbow style of the PEX sliding joint is suitable for places where the pipe connection needs to be bent, such as elbows, corners, etc. It is used in a similar way to the straight style except that the pipe needs to be inserted into the PEX slip joint and bent. The bending angle of the PEX sliding joint can be adjusted according to actual needs in order to meet the different needs of the pipeline.

5. How to use the tee

The tee style of the PEX slip joint is suitable for the need to connect two pipes and one outlet. Its use method is also very simple, only need to insert two pipes into the two inlets of the three-way style PEX sliding joint respectively. In this way, the outlet of the PEX slip joint can be connected with other pipes. The tee style of the PEX sliding joint can help us to be more flexible and convenient when connecting pipes, and improve the overall efficiency of the pipe system.

6. Conclusion

This article mainly introduces the usage scenarios, styles and sizes of PEX sliding joints, as well as the usage methods of straight, elbow and tee. PEX sliding joints are characterized by easy and fast use, which can help us complete the connection and maintenance of the pipeline system more efficiently. In practical applications, we should choose different styles and sizes of PEX sliding joints according to the needs, and strictly abide by the installation and use specifications to ensure the safety and stability of the pipeline system.


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