PPH Pipe

Name: PPH Pipe
Color: Red Brown
Connect: Thread
Brand: IFAN
Application: Water System

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PPH pipe is an important piping system with various characteristics and advantages. Due to its unique manufacturing process, it is widely used in different fields..IFAN Facebook Website:www.facebook.com,IFAN factory has 30+ years manufacture experience supporting color /size customization support Free Samples.

Features of PPH Pipe:

1. Corrosion resistance:

PPH plumbing has excellent corrosion resistance, used in the chemical industry and environmental protection fields with high requirements.

2. High-temperature resistance:

PPH plumbing can withstand high temperatures for a long time, and its performance stills good above 100°C,  often used for transportation and fluid treatment at high temperatures.

3. Lightweight:

PPH plumbing, made of polypropylene material, has a lighter density than other pipes, so it is more convenient for construction and transportation.

4. Good sealing performance:

The interface of the PPH pipe has good sealing performance, which can maintain the tight connection between the pipe fittings and prevent water leakage.

5. Easy installation:

The manufacturing process of PPH pipe is simple, the cost of installation and maintenance is relatively low, and it can adapt to different engineering requirements.

Advantages of PPH tube:

1. Good corrosion resistance:

PPH pipe has good corrosion resistance in the chemical field and environmental protection fields. It will not be corroded by chemical substances such as acid and alkali and can be used for a long time.

2. Good high-temperature performance:

PPH tube can work in a high-temperature environment for a long time, has excellent high-temperature resistance performance, and is not easy to deform and damage.

3. Lightweight and simple:

PPH tubes, made of lighter polypropylene material, so the pipe fittings themselves are lighter in weight, which makes them more convenient in different construction processes and reduces the burden of construction and transportation.

4. Easy to install:

The manufacturing process of PPH plumbing is relatively simple, the processing precision is high, and the connection method with other pipe fittings is flexible, which can be widely used in different projects.

5. Economical and practical:

The cost of PPH plumbing is relatively low, and the maintenance cost is also very low, widely used in different fields such as the chemical industry, environmental protection, construction, and pharmaceuticals.

The manufacturing process of PPH tube:

The production process of PPH pipe is mainly based on injection molding and extrusion. In the injection molding process, according to the shape and size requirements of the pipe, use the injection molding machine to heat the PPH particles to a molten state, then inject them into the mold, and form them after cooling. The extrusion process to extrude heated PPH particles through an extruder and use a special mold on the extrusion head of the extruder to obtain precise shape and size.

In short, PPH pipe has many advantages, a simple manufacturing process, and a wide application range,  often used in various pipeline systems. With the introduction of more new technologies and materials in the future, PPH pipes–more widely used to better meet the needs of different fields.


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