PPR Aluminum PPR Pipe

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Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Brand Name IFAN
Length normal 4m/pcs or your request
Color Green, White, Grey or your request
Pressure PN12.5,PN16,PN20,PN25
Package Woven bag

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Production Material:

PPR Aluminum PPR Pipe is composed of three layers – PPR on the inside and outside layers with aluminum in the middle. PPR (Polypropylene Random) is a durable and flexible material that can withstand high temperatures, pressure, and chemical corrosion. The aluminum layer provides strength and stability to the pipe, making it resistant to deformation, bending, and cracks.

Production Process:

The production process of PPR Aluminum PPR Pipe involves a complex procedure that starts with the preparation of raw materials. PPR and aluminum are mixed in different proportions, melted, and formed into a pipe shape through an extrusion process. The extrusion machine uses a combination of heat, pressure, and force to shape and cool the pipe. Once the pipe is formed, it undergoes a series of tests to ensure that it meets the required standards and specifications.


1. Durability – it has a longer lifespan than traditional pipes, lasting up to 50 years.
2. Heat resistance – The pipe can withstand high temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for hot water systems.
3. Chemical resistance – The pipe is resistant to corrosion, chemical erosion, and scaling, making it suitable for use in chemical and industrial applications.
4. Easy installation – it is lightweight, flexible, and easy to install, reducing the installation time and costs.
5. Energy efficiency – The aluminum layer of the pipe provides better thermal conductivity, reducing heat loss and energy consumption.


PPR Aluminum PPR Pipe is a revolutionary plumbing solution that combines the strength and durability of aluminum with the flexibility and chemical resistance of PPR. It offers several advantages over traditional pipes, such as longer lifespan, easy installation, and energy efficiency. If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality piping solution, consider PPR Aluminum PPR Pipe for your next project.

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