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Product Name: PPR Pipes And Fittings
Size: 20-110mm
Pressure: PN25
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PPR pipes and fittings, that is, polypropylene insulated pipe materials and their connections, are an important part of piping systems widely used in modern construction and industrial fields. They play an important role in water supply, heating, chemical industry, medical and other fields. This article will introduce in detail the characteristics, uses and advantages of PPR pipes and fittings from all aspects.IFAN factory 30+ years manufacture experience support color/size customization support free sample.Welcome to consult for catalog and free samples.This is our Facebook Website: www.facebook.com

1. Material properties:

PPR fittings are made from polypropylene insulation, which has several excellent properties, including:

High temperature resistance:

PPR fittings are able to withstand high temperatures without deforming or breaking down, making them ideal for use in heating systems.

Corrosion resistance:

Polypropylene material has excellent corrosion resistance and is not susceptible to chemical attack, making it suitable for a variety of chemical applications.

Thermal insulation performance:

PPR pipes have excellent thermal insulation properties, which can reduce heat loss and improve the efficiency of the heating system.

Environmental protection:

Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain hazardous substances and will not pollute water quality.

Pressure resistance:

PPR pipes have high pressure resistance and can withstand a certain amount of water pressure, ensuring the stability of the pipeline system.

2. Purpose:

PPR  fittings find a wide range of uses in a variety of fields, including:

Water supply system:

PPR pipes are widely used in water supply systems of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Its high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance make it an ideal water supply pipe material.

Heating systems:

Due to their high temperature resistance and thermal insulation properties, PPR pipes are very popular in heating systems, ensuring efficient transfer of hot water.

Air conditioning system:

PPR fittings are also widely used in air conditioning systems and can withstand the low temperature of the cooling medium.

Chemical pipelines:

Due to their corrosion resistance, PPR  fittings are often used in the chemical industry to transport various chemical substances.

Medical equipment:

In medical equipment, PPR pipes fittings are used to transport drugs, liquids and gases, and the materials are required to be harmless to the medium and not pollute.
Industrial Use: From food processing to manufacturing, PPR pipes and fittings play an important role in industrial fields and meet diverse needs.

3. Advantages:

PPR pipes fittings have several distinct advantages over other materials, including:

Easy to install:

PPR pipe fittings usually use hot-melt connection technology, which is easy to install and does not require special tools.

Not easy to leak:

Hot melt connection can ensure the tightness of pipeline connection and reduce the risk of leakage.

Long life:

PPR pipes have excellent durability, long service life and are not easy to age.

Easy maintenance:

PPR pipes fittings are not prone to rust, corrosion or scaling and require almost no maintenance.

Environmentally friendly:

Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and has no negative impact on the environment.

Cost-effective and efficient:

Compared with other pipe materials, PPR pipes are relatively low-cost and have long-term energy-saving benefits.

To sum up, PPR pipes fittings are a versatile piping system solution suitable for many fields. They are widely used in construction and industry due to their excellent material properties, wide range of uses and multiple advantages. Whether in the water supply, heating, chemical or medical fields, PPR pipes and fittings have demonstrated strong performance and reliability, providing sustainable piping solutions for a variety of applications.


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