PPR Reduce Socket Fittings

Product Name: PPR Reduce Socket Fittings
Size: 20mm-125mm
Material: Korea Hyosung Raw Material
Work Temperature: -35℃ -110℃
Packing: Opp Bag+Color Carton
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PPR Reduce Socket Fittings (polypropylene random copolymer) is a popular material use in plumbing and heating systems. PPR fittings, including PPR socket fitting and PPR reduce socket, are widely use in these systems for their durability, flexibility, and ease of installation. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and uses of PPR socket fitting and PPR reduce socket.more information pls feel free contact us facebook

PPR Socket Fitting PPR socket fitting is a type of PPR fitting that connects two pipes together. It has a socket on one end that allows the pipe to slide into it, and a threaded connection on the other end that can be tighten to secure the joint. PPR socket fitting is available in various sizes, ranging from 20mm to 110mm, and is commonly use in hot and cold water systems, as well as in heating and cooling systems.



















Benefits of PPR Socket Fitting PPR socket fitting has several benefits over other types of fittings, including:

  1. Durability: PPR socket fitting is highly resistant to heat, pressure, and chemicals, making it a durable choice for plumbing and heating systems.
  2. Flexibility: PPR socket fitting is flexible and can bent to fit around corners and obstacles, making it easier to install.
  3. Leak-proof: The threaded connection of PPR socket fitting ensures a tight, leak-proof joint that is less likely to fail over time.
  4. Low maintenance: PPR socket fitting requires minimal maintenance and is less likely to corrode or develop scale buildup.

Uses of PPR Socket Fitting PPR socket fitting is commonly use in the following applications:

  1. Hot and cold water systems: PPR socket fitting is an ideal choice for hot and cold water systems due to its heat resistance and leak-proof joints.
  2. Heating and cooling systems: PPR socket fitting is use in heating and cooling systems due to its ability to withstand high temperatures.
  3. Industrial applications: PPR socket fitting is use in industrial applications that require high-pressure piping systems, such as in chemical plants and manufacturing facilities.



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