PPR Socket Fittings

Name: PPR Socket Fittings
Size: 20-110mm
Material: PPR
Color: Green
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Product Description:

PPR socket fittings are a kind of pipe fittings commonly used when connecting PPR water pipes. When two pipes need to be connected in a straight line, PPR water pipes are often used for direct connection. IFAN PPR socket fittings use 100% raw materials imported from Hyosung Korea, which are safe, non-toxic, and hygienic. The size of this product is 20-110mm, and the color is green. IFAN factory supports customized services, mold, color, size, logo, internal and external packaging, etc., to meet customer needs, and contact us to get free samples. This is our Facebook Website:www.facebook.com

PPR Fittings Features:

1. Non-toxic and hygienic.

The raw material molecules of PP-R are only carbon and hydrogen elements, and there are no harmful or toxic elements. It is hygienic and reliable. It is not only used in hot and cold water pipes, but also in pure drinking water systems.

2. Heat preservation and energy saving.

The thermal conductivity of PP-R pipe is 0.21w/MK, which is only 1/200 of that of steel pipe.

3. Good heat resistance.

The Vicat softening point of the PP-R pipe is 131.5°C. The maximum working temperature can reach 95℃, which can meet the requirements of the hot water system in the building water supply and drainage code.

4. Long service life.

The service life of a PPR pipe can reach more than 50 years under the condition of a working temperature of 70℃ and working pressure (PN) of 1.0MPa; the service life of a PPR pipe can reach more than 100 years at a normal temperature (20℃).

5. Easy installation and firm connection.

PP-R has good welding performance. The pipes and fittings can connect by hot melt and electrofusion, which is easy to install, and the joints are firm. The strength of the connecting part is greater than the strength of the pipe itself.

6. Recyclable material.

Cleaning and shredding of PP-R waste for recycling into the production of pipes and fittings. The amount of recycled material does not exceed 10% of the total, which does not affect product quality.



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