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PVC pipe is a very common pipe material, widely used in piping systems in construction, agriculture, chemical, energy, medical and other fields. However, some people do not know whether PVC pipes are mainly used for water supply or drainage. Next, we will introduce the reasons why PVC pipes are used for water supply or drainage from various aspects.

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1. Physical Properties of PVC Pipe

The physical properties of PVC pipes are excellent, especially in terms of service life, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, PVC pipes are widely used in water supply and drainage systems.

1. Water contact: PVC pipe has good water resistance. It can withstand high concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, petroleum products and organic solvents, etc., and is not easily corroded by decomposed substances.

2. Temperature range: PVC pipes have a wide operating temperature range and can be used at temperatures from -5 degrees C to 60 degrees C, so they can be used in various environmental conditions.

3. Environmentally friendly materials: PVC pipes do not contain any sediment and toxins, and the materials are safe and environmentally friendly.

4. Toughness and fracture resistance: PVC pipes have good pressure resistance, are not easy to break during continuous rebound, and can pass water and drain smoothly.

2. Safety Performance of PVC Pipe

The safety performance of PVC pipes is a very important aspect. The safety performance of PVC pipes is divided into two aspects:

1. Fire resistance: Flame retardants are added to PVC pipes during the molding process, thereby improving its flame retardant properties. Once a fire occurs, PVC pipes will self-extinguish and will not release toxic gases, thus ensuring the safety of personnel. life safety.

2. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of PVC pipes is also very excellent. Since the pipes can be surface processed like molded plates during production, the surface flatness and wear resistance of PVC pipes are very high, which makes PVC pipes It has good anti-corrosion effect and can greatly extend its service life, thus better ensuring the safety of people and equipment.

3. Scope of Application of PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are widely used in water supply and drainage. Among them, the standard sizes of pipes are different and there are standard specifications. In some projects with greater demand, in order to ensure the connection quality of pipelines, serrated reinforced PVC pipes are generally used. Its reinforcement performance is better than traditional smooth pipes, and it has better digital control technology to ensure the connection quality. At the same time, PVC pipes are versatile, and different pipeline systems can be easily connected through joints or assembly methods, thereby realizing the connection or compounding of different pipelines.

To sum up, PVC pipes have excellent performance in both water supply and drainage. Its physical properties, environmental performance, safety performance and other aspects are very good. At the same time, its wide range of applications makes it an indispensable pipe material in many industries. As an excellent pipe material, PVC pipe is positive and has a gratifying development momentum.


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