Turkey PPR Green Plastic Brass Inter Female Elbow

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Turkey PPR Plastic Brass Inter Female Elbow is a kind of PPR pipe fittings, mainly used to connect two PPR pipes of the same diameter, so that the pipeline can be connected in a straight line

Turkey PPR Plastic Brass Inter Female Elbow Socket Advantage:

Strong corrosion resistance: It can resist the erosion of chemical substances.

Health and environmental protection: will not cause pollution to the water quality.

Strong connection: Ensure the tightness and stability of the pipe connection.

Easy to install: easy to operate, improve construction efficiency.


The main material of Turkey PPR Plastic Brass Inter Female Elbow is Korean Hyosung material. It is a high-quality raw material commonly used in PPR pipe fittings

PPR Fittings Workshop:

Usually, the workshop is equipped with advanced production equipment, such as injection molding machines and extrusion machines, to achieve efficient production of pipe fittings. In the workshop, raw materials go through a series of processing technologies and are made into various specifications of PPR pipe fittings.

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How to Connect?

Hot melt connection: Use a hot melt tool to heat the port of the equal diameter directly with the PPR pipe to a certain temperature, so that it melts and fuses together to form a strong connection.

Special pipe fittings and tools: The PPR pipe fittings and corresponding hot melt tools are required for accurate and reliable connection operation.

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PPR pipe fitting is a kind of pipe connection with excellent performance, with strong corrosion resistance, health and environmental protection, solid connection, easy installation and so on. They are made of high-quality PPR materials to ensure the safety and stability of the piping system. It is widely used in all kinds of construction and pipeline engineering, and is an important part of modern pipeline engineering.


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