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Turkey PPR Tee (Polypropylene have gained immense popularity in modern plumbing systems due to their excellent quality and durability. which provide the best solution for installing pipelines, especially for hot and cold water supply systems.

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What is a Turkey PPR Tee?

A Turkey PPR a plumbing fitting that is used for joining three pipes together at a 90-degree angle. These fittings are designed to provide a secure, leak-free connection in plumbing systems and to withstand high-temperature and pressure conditions.


Turkey PPR  fittings are manufactured with high-quality, food-grade materials. These fittings are made from Polypropylene Random Copolymer, which is a thermoplastic material known for its excellent chemical and impact resistance, high-temperature tolerance, resistivity to oxidation, and long service life.

What is the Production Process of Turkey PPR ?

The production of Turkey PPR  involves several steps, including raw material selection, blending, melting, extrusion, injection moulding, and quality inspection. After blending the Polypropylene Random Copolymer with other additives such as stabilizers and pigments, the mixture is melted and extruded into the desired tee shape. The tee is then injection-moulded and cooled for several hours. Finally, the product undergoes quality inspection to ensure that it meets the necessary standards and specifications.

Types of Turkey?

-Equal tee

-Reducing tee

-Brass insert female thread tee

-Brass insert male thread tee

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How Does Turkey PPR Tee Connect Pipes?

Turkey PPR is connected to pipes using fusion welding or socket welding. Fusion welding involves melting the ends of the pipes and the fitting, and then fusing them together. Socket welding, on the other hand, involves inserting the fitting into the socket of the pipe and using a specialized tool to heat and melt the material, forming a strong and leak-free connection.


1. Significant Durability: Turkey PPR Tee fittings are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, chemical decay, and UV rays. They also possess excellent impact strength and can handle high-temperature conditions.
2. Easy to Install: Turkey PPR Tee fittings are relatively easy to install and do not require specialized tools or skills. They can be easily joined using fusion welding techniques, which result in a strong, permanent, and leak-free connection.
3. Safe for Drinking Water: Turkey PPR Tee fittings are certified by international regulatory bodies such as NSF, WRAS, and KIWA, which makes them safe for use with potable water supply systems.
4. Cost-Effective: Turkey PPR Tee fittings are cost-effective compared to other plumbing materials such as copper and stainless steel, they require less maintenance and last longer.


Turkey PPR  is a high-quality, durable, and cost-effective solution that is ideal for plumbing systems in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. They provide a robust and reliable connection for hot and cold water supply systems, and their flexibility makes them suitable for use in various plumbing applications. Choose Turkey PPR for a leak-free, long-lasting, and safe plumbing system.

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