WHite PPR Male Tee

White PPR Elbow Fittings

Warranty:3 years

Customized support:OEM, ODM

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:Ifan Plus

Model Number:Male socket Type A

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WHite PPR Male Tee

WHite PPR Male Tee Fittings    Warranty:3 years

Customized support:OEM, ODM   Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:Ifan     Model Number:WHite PPR Male Tee Fittings

Technics:Injection   Connection:Welding

Shape:Equal        Technology: CNC Machinery Forging

WHite PPR Pipe Male Tee Fittings is a new type of pipe, which has many advantages. It has good heat resistance, can withstand high temperature environment, and has a long service life, which can meet the requirements of long-term use. In addition, PPR pipe has good corrosion resistance, can resist the erosion of corrosive gases and liquids, and has a longer service life. It also has good impact resistance, can withstand greater impact, and has a longer service life. Finally, PPR pipe has good tensile resistance, can withstand large tensile forces, and has a longer service life.

PPR pipe has good strength and rigidity and can meet different usage requirements. Its inner wall is smooth, which can effectively prevent the water flow from clogging and make the water flow more smooth.In short, PPR pipe has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and tensile resistance, which can meet the requirements of long-term use and is an ideal pipe material.Due to its excellent performance, PPR pipe can be widely used in water conservancy, thermal power, gas, hot and cold water heating, air conditioning, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, communication and other industries. It is an ideal pipe material.

The use of PPR pipes can improve the safety and reliability of the piping system, save installation time, improve work efficiency, and ensure the safety of drinking water. It is an ideal pipe material.

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