PPR Aluminum-Plastic Pipe

PPR aluminum-plastic pipe, also known as PPR composite pipe, is composed of a polypropylene heat insulation layer in the inner layer, an aluminum foil heat insulation layer in the middle layer, and a polypropylene anti-corrosion layer in the outer layer. Compounded by special technology.IFAN Facebook Website:www.facebook.com,IFAN factory has 30+ years manufacture experience supporting color /size customization support Free Samples.

Its production process is as follows:

Material preparation: Prepare high-quality polypropylene materials, aluminum foil, and other auxiliary materials.

Billet preparation: Mix polypropylene material evenly in a certain proportion, add color masterbatch and other auxiliary materials, and extrude into plastic pipes through an extruder.

Aluminum foil coating: Cut the aluminum foil to a certain size, and glue it to the plastic pipe after coating.

Forming and shaping: the aluminum-plastic composite pipe makes a product of a certain specification through a mold and heat treatment.

Inspection and packaging: conduct quality inspections on aluminum-plastic composite pipes, and package, store, and transport them after meeting the standards.

PPR aluminum-plastic pipe application range

PPR aluminum-plastic pipe has excellent performance and a wide range of applications, mainly in the following aspects:

HVAC pipes: PPR aluminum-plastic pipes can withstand high temperatures, and high pressure, widely used in HVAC fields, such as floor heating, wall-hung boilers, and water heaters.

Water supply and drainage pipes: PPR aluminum-plastic pipes use in building water supply and drainage pipe systems because of their internal and external anti-corrosion and high-pressure resistance characteristics.

Construction machinery: PPR aluminum-plastic pipes in the design and production of construction machinery components, such as excavators, forklifts, etc., can effectively enhance the performance and service life of the equipment.

Medical equipment: safe and hygienic, anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant, and used in hospitals and laboratories, such as infusion pipes and oxygen pipes.

In short, the production process of PPR aluminum-plastic pipe is simple, and it has a wide range of applications. Widely used in construction, HVAC, medicine, machinery, and other fields. In the future, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous advancement of science and technology, PPR aluminum-plastic pipes will play a more important role.



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