PEX Floor Heating Pipe

PEX floor heating pipe is a very widely used floor heating material, which has the following several layers of process flow:

Raw material preparation

The main raw material of the PEX floor heating pipe polyethylene cross-linked resin, which adds stabilizers, antioxidants, plasticizers, and other additives. Finely processed and mixed in a certain proportion to produce high-quality PEX floor heating pipes.

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Pipe production

The key to producing PEX floor heating pipes is pipe manufacturing. Manufacturers need to use advanced production equipment and professional production technology to make the surface of the pipe smooth, the size of the inner and outer diameters accurate, and the strength suitable. At the same time, the pipe needs to go through a series of processing procedures such as high-temperature expansion, cooling, positive pressure water immersion, etc., so that it can achieve excellent air permeability, good durability, and excellent heat resistance.

Test quality inspection

The finished PEX floor heating pipes need to undergo strict testing and quality inspection to ensure that their quality meets national or industry standards. Relevant test items include dimensional inspection, heat resistance test, pressure resistance test, etc. After these tests, the quality and reliability of PEX floor heating pipes guarante.

The scope of use of PEX floor heating pipes:

PEX floor heating pipes have a wide range of applications and hotels, villas, residences, businesses, and other places. At the same time, it can use in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc. in the floor heating system, and is a very practical floor heating material.

Regular size:

The conventional sizes of PEX floor heating pipes are 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, etc., among which 16mm is the most common size. In addition, according to the actual needs of users, personalized customization can also carry out to meet the special needs of users.

Connection method of PEX floor heating pipe:

There are two main connection methods for PEX floor heating pipes, namely hot-melt connection and crimp connection. Among them, hot-melt connection needs to use professional tools and equipment, which is more troublesome; while crimp connection is relatively simple, and only needs to use tube clamps to complete. No matter which connection method is used, Very convenient to use, and the connection effect is stable, and it is not easy to cause problems.

In short, PEX floor heating pipe is a floor heating material with excellent performance and reliable quality. Its production process includes many links, which is not simple. It requires manufacturers to have advanced equipment and professional technology to produce high-quality PEX floor heating pipes. At the same time, PEX floor heating pipes can use in a wide range, and the application occasions and connection methods are also very flexible and adaptable.



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