What is a PPR Five Ways Fitting and Where to Use It?

PPR (polypropylene random) pipes and fittings are widely use in plumbing and HVAC systems due to their superior characteristics . including high temperature and pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and longevity. . One of the common types of PPR fittings is the PPR Five Ways fitting, also known as a PPR Five-way cross or PPR Cross Tee.

PPR Five Ways fitting is a plumbing component that has five outlets in different directions, creating a cross-shaped structure. It is design to allow the flow of fluids to pass through at right angles and control the flow rate of the fluid in various directions. PPR Five Ways fittings are used in a range of plumbing applications, includ hot and cold water supply systems, radiant floor heating, and air conditioning systems.

One of the most common uses of PPR Five Ways fittings is in hot and cold water supply systems, where they are use to create branching points in the system. They are also use in HVAC systems, where they help distribute heated or cooled air to different areas of a building.

PPR Five Ways fittings come in various sizes, typically ranging from 20mm to 160mm. They are available in a range of pressure ratings, which should be selected based on the application requirements.

When installing PPR Five Ways fittings, it is crucial to ensure that they are install correctly and securely. Improper installation can result in leaks, which can cause water damage and lead to costly repairs. Therefore, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully and use the appropriate tools and materials.


PPR Five Ways fitting is a versatile plumbing component that can use in various applications. Including hot and cold water supply systems, radiant floor heating, and air conditioning systems. They are available in different sizes and pressure ratings . And should be install correctly to avoid leaks and ensure optimal performance.

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