PPR Glass Fiber Tube

The manufacturing process of PPR glass fiber Tube

1.Raw material preparation: PPR material, glass fiber, stabilizer, lubricant, etc.;

2. Material mixing: mix PPR material, glass fiber, stabilizer, lubricant, etc. according to a certain proportion, and mix them evenly;

3. Heat treatment: heat the mixed material to a certain temperature to melt it;

4. Extrusion molding: Extrude the molten material through an extruder to form a PPR tube;

5. Cutting and acceptance: cut the extruded tube to a certain length, and carry out strict acceptance work.


1.High strength: Due to glass fiber reinforcement, PPR glass fiber pipe has high strength and toughness;

2. Corrosion resistance: PPR glass fiber pipe has good chemical corrosion resistance, and can be used for the transportation of some corrosive media such as acid and alkali;

3. Good insulation: PPR glass fiber pipe has good insulation performance and can be used in some occasions where high temperature and high pressure convey media;

4. High-temperature resistance: PPR glass fiber pipe still has stable performance in high-temperature environments, and will not soften and deform;

5. Small fluid resistance: The inner wall of the PPR glass fiber pipe is smooth, the surface area is small, the resistance is small, and the fluid delivery efficiency is high.

Preservation method

Store in a dry, ventilated, and moisture-proof place, avoid direct sunlight;

It is forbidden to store under pressure or ultra-high temperature;

Keep labels and instructions, and store them in an easy-to-find place;

When storing, care should be taken to avoid friction or collision with other items to avoid damage;

Regularly check the storage environment and remove dust and dirt in time.

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