Gray PPR 45°Elbow

Product Name: IFAN Gray PPR 45°Elbow
Size: 20-110mm
Pressure: PN25
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The Critical Role of Gray PPR 45° Elbows in Pipeline Networks

Piping networks rely on elbows to make necessary directional changes ensuring the smooth flow of liquids, gases, and chemicals. 45° elbows, in particular, are a vital component enabling moderate diversion of pipeline flows. Gray PPR (polypropylene random) 45° elbows have become a top choice for their durability, performance, and installation flexibility.IFAN factory has 30+ years of manufacturing experience supporting color/size customization and free samples. Welcome to consult for catalog and free samples. This is our Facebook Website:


What are PPR 45° Elbows?

A PPR 45° elbow, as the name suggests, has an angled bend of 45 degrees. This allows the diversion of the pipeline flow by 45°, whether in a vertical or horizontal orientation. The elbows are made of corrosion resistant PPR plastic with embedded brass threads.

Key Benefits of Gray PPR 45° Elbows

Gray PPR 45° elbows provide the following advantages:

  • Excellent Pressure Rating – Can withstand up to 1.6 MPa pressure.
  • Leakproof Seals – The PPR body with brass threads prevents leaks.
  • Withstands Vibrations – Sturdy non-leaking joints absorb pipeline vibrations.
  • Corrosion Resistant – PPR material is unaffected by most chemicals.
  • Non-toxic – Safe for potable water and food-grade applications.
  • Lightweight – Easier installation compared to heavy metal elbows.
  • Compact Size – Requires less space than bending large-diameter pipes.
  • Easy Installation – The rotating nut enables convenient positioning.

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Critical Applications in Pipelines

Owing to their well-angled diversion capabilities, PPR 45° elbows fulfill important roles:

  • Route Changes – Alters pipeline pathway without compromising flow.
  • Obstruction Avoidance – Divert around obstacles like structures and machinery.
  • Equipment Linking – Connect pipes to adjacent equipment.
  • Branch Lines – Direct fluid into lateral pipelines and feeder lines.
  • Reduced Strain – Minimizes stress compared to sharp 90° turns.
  • Drainage – Provides leak-free diagonal drainage points.
  • Venting – Enables angled vent line connections.
  • Congested Areas – Ideal for tightly packed piping networks.

With the ability to make moderate yet secure diversionary connections, gray PPR 45° elbows will continue to be an essential component in pipeline projects. Their durable PPR construction combined with hassle-free installation provides reliable directional capabilities meeting critical piping needs.


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