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PPR pipe is a commonly used pipe at present, green PPR pipes and fittings has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxygen barrier, etc., so it is widely used in construction, chemical industry, electric power, medical and other fields. PPR pipes are made of polypropylene random copolymer. It not only has high heat resistance and high chemical stability, but also can withstand pressure and burst, making PPR pipes a very excellent pipe variety.IFAN factory 30+ years manufacture experience support color/size customization support free sample.Welcome to consult for catalog and free samples.This is our Facebook Website:

PPR pipe

The advantage of PPR pipes lies not only in its performance, but also in its usability. It can be spliced and processed easily, and can even be spliced using methods such as hot-melt connection, which greatly improves work efficiency. Moreover, PPR pipes can maintain a high degree of stability during use and will not suffer from aging or deformation due to long-term use like other pipes.

PPR pipe fittings

In addition to PPR pipes, PPR pipe fittings are also a very excellent connector. Compared with other connectors, PPR pipe fittings have excellent thermal stability and excellent chemical stability at the interface, and can withstand higher pressure and temperature. PPR pipe fittings are manufactured using molten hot-melt technology, which allows the pipe fittings to be permanently connected without leakage or bursting. At the same time, because PPR pipe fittings have excellent waterproof measures such as rubber and plastic plugs, they can effectively prevent water leakage.

Many users actually have some misunderstandings about the quality of PPR pipes that everyone cares about. For example, the PPR water pipe can be smashed, indicating that its quality is not good. In fact, not, this does not prove the quality of the water pipe. This is because the PPR water pipe itself has low temperature and brittleness.

The Coldness Of PPR Pipe

The raw material of the PPR tube is a random clientele, which is what we call type III polypropylene. It obtained by ranging from the action of heating, pressurization, and catalysts of the propylene and a small number of ethylene monomers. Ethylene monomers randomly distributed in the acrylic long chain, of which ethylene monomers generally controlled between 3-5. The polymerization method of ethylene and the polymerization of ethylene and acrylic determines its cold and brittle characteristics.

In the case of low temperature, especially in the winter construction process, the pipes reduced at low temperature and rigidity enhancement, which is brittle. Under the action of an external force or over the -a large accident, the pipe may be cracking in line. It brings inconvenience to construction. To this end, the relevant national norms have made clear requirements for this issue. In winter construction, pay attention to the low temperature and brittleness characteristics of the construction of the water PPR pipeline, and formulate the corresponding construction plan.

PPR Pipe And Fittings

GB/T50349-2005 has detailed provisions. When the ambient temperature is low, the toughness of the PPR pipe reduced and manifested as crispy. When the pipe impacted or compressed by external forces, a straight-line cracking phenomenon will occur, and the cracking situation will start from the inner tube and extend to the external tube. After the pipe is cracking due to the force of a point, in an instant, this crack will grow rapidly along the axis of the pipe. This feature is called rapid crack growth. In addition, the winter pipes injured due to external forces during the transportation, site, and installation process, and the crispy and tough tubes will occur during use.

Instead, some counterfeit PPR tubes that add other raw materials are not easy to break. It can transport both high-temperature hot water and can transport cold water for 50 years. PPR pipes can be cracking, especially when the temperature is low. This is the low temperature and brittleness of PPR.

PPR Good Pipe Can Crack

If the PPR water pipe cannot crack, it can basically determine that it is not a PPR material. The advantages of PPR pipes are mainly reflected in higher creep resistance. The good tube of pure PPR material has a low temperature and brittleness, which is particularly obvious in an environment below 5 ° C. Therefore, the good tube can crack, and it is often not a PPR tube. This is different from some publicity, and users should treat them with caution when buying.


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