PPR Plastic Manifold

Product Name: IFAN PPR Plastic Manifolds
Size: 20-110mm
Pressure: PN25
Package: IFAN OPP Bag+ Carton
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Delivery: 15 Days

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PPR pipes are becoming more and more widely used, and PPR Manifolds are one of the important components that deserve special attention. PPR Plastic Manifolds are widely used in homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, chemical industries and other industries. They can be installed on walls and floors to realize pipe branching and combination. At the same time, some of its advantages also make it very popular. IFAN factory 30+ years manufacture experience support color/size customization support free sample.Welcome to consult for catalog and free samples.This is our Facebook Website: www.facebook.com.


1. Save installation costs and work time: PPR Manifolds have any branches and can be combined as needed. As a result, installers can quickly solve complex piping configuration requirements, saving installation costs and time.

2. Corrosion resistance and long life: PPR Manifolds are made of materials such as high-pressure polyethylene and use advanced manufacturing technology. This method of manufacturing makes it corrosion-resistant and serviceable, while its long life also reduces replacement costs for the entire piping system.

3. Good sealing: PPR Manifolds can ensure perfect sealing of the water pipe system and avoid water leakage problems in the water pipe system. Likewise, this advantage is key to preventing sewage and wastewater leaks.

4. Safety and hygiene: PPR Manifolds are healthy, safe and non-toxic materials. They will not release harmful substances in the water during use, will not contaminate food and drinks, and will not harm the human body.

5. Highly adaptable: PPR Manifolds can be branched and combined using different types and sizes of pipes according to different needs. At the same time, it can also choose a variety of colors to meet customer needs.

Purpose of PPR Plastic Manifold:

1. Residential and commercial buildings: PPR Manifolds are ideal for commercial places such as supermarkets, hotels, schools, public bathrooms, etc. It is adaptable, safe and hygienic, meeting the needs of many owners. It is also widely used in private homes as a means of water supply and distribution.

2. Chemical production: PPR Manifolds are not only suitable for branches and combinations of cold water and hot water systems, but can also be used for the transportation of chemicals, gases and other fluids. PPR Manifolds meet the needs of many chemical companies and can also be used in other industries.

In short, PPR Plastic Manifold has a wide range of applications and multiple advantages, and are very popular in the market. As concerns about health and safety continue to increase, there will be an even greater need for PPR Manifolds as they will become even more important in the future as a vital component in the successful installation of ductwork systems.



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